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I'm still coming down from your performance the other night. Your compositions caught my imagination! - Backbeat

We haven't had quality Maori music at the Rafters since Mahinarangi Tocker. She would be very proud. WAI.TAI will go far very fast - Rafters

And then our whanaunga Robyn Kamira hits the stage and takes us on a musical trip around the world i te reo Maori te nuinga o nga waiata. A Polish Roma song sung in reo. A middle eastern song about a secret love tryst in the desert (I kid you not). Hirini Melbourne remixes and some Bob Maorly ... Now at the risk of sounding like a girl grease ... our sissies slayed it tonight - Parihaka

Haha, humourous and entertaining. Very pleasantly surprised, it was fun - The Bunker

WAI.TAI’s weaving together of language and instruments was a joy and hearing their songs in Te Reo soon after Maori Language Week reinforced the relevancy of the night. I’m looking forward to seeing them again at Wellyfest this year - Acoustic Routes

Your material and performance brought a wonderful Pacific feel to the concert and the blend of your voices has a very unique sound. That you kindly agreed to be part of the concert was instrumental in getting the festival off to a great start - Auckland Folk Festival

Oh man, we are SO in love with the beautiful beautiful sounds of WAI.TAI playing here today - Maritime Museum

Beautiful beautiful song. As an Irish woman living in NZ, for me this wonderful Maori song has a bit of a Celtic feel to it too & I LOVE IT. Such wonderful talented musicians. I'm delighted to be able to access WAI.TAI's music and support their work - Bandcamp

Really loved the storytelling component. I couldn't wait for the next bit! - The Bunker

The fabulous compelling sound of WAI.TAI ... blending cultures in seamless harmony - Earth Optimism

WAI.TAI recently performed at our conference dinner for the NZ Association of Medical Herbalists. They read the audience and pitched their music perfectly - beautiful waiata which we could have listened to all night ... and for the latter part they moved us to dancing. It was such a fun night. The musicians were fantastic and really connected with the audience. It felt very special having a band of such quality to ourselves. From an organisational point of view, Robyn made everything flow smoothly from start to finish. I would highly recommend WAI.TAI - NZAMH

The harmonies take it to a whole new level. Flawless - One2One

Best performance of the whole concert, superb! - Auckland Folk Festival

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